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Product Safety Information

Product safety is a top priority at Taymark. We, with the assistance of a CPSC-accredited third-party testing partner or lab, have identified the various rules and regulations our products must conform to as well as the necessary test requirements for each of these products. This has been assembled into our required test protocols ("Test Protocols"). Each product that is supplied to us must comply with the corresponding Test Protocol. These test protocols are found on the right. Click to find a testing service.

Test Protocols

Once you have verified that the products you have supplied to us conforms to the corresponding Test Protocol(s), we ask that the appropriate representative from your company provide Taymark with the proper General Certificate of Conformity (“GCC”) and the corresponding documentation that you used to support the GCC, including, where applicable and required, the CPSC-accredited third-party test data for each product and/or product category listed. For an example of an acceptable GCC, please go to

Download example GCC

The GCCs and supporting documentation and/or test data must be emailed to the following email address within thirty (30) days from your receipt of our letter.

Please email documents to:

Email Documents to Taymark, Inc.